Our Vision

To see women and men represented on every distribution operations crew

Women of PLT partners with companies who demand powerful people. We are building relationships with employers whom strongly believe that adding women to their Operations Department is investing in organizational survivability and corporate citizenship. 

We bring to light the qualified women who want to contribute to the communities they live in through employment in the energy sector. At a time when the electricity sector is struggling with the prospects of significant retirements across Canada, women are ready to bring the light to their communities.

Women of PLT connects women Powerline Technicians across Canada. We deliver reliable support and encouragement to one another. We are all on the same journey, women of the trades.

Women of Powerline Technicians is a proud signatory to Electricity Human Resources Canada’s Leadership Accord. Inclusive companies are better positioned to reflect the needs of the communities they serve, they maintain a competitive advantage to attract and retain talent, as a result often see greater fiscal returns.

Within the skilled trades of the electricity sector, women continue to represent less than 5% of skilled workers. Through partnerships and sponsors we are building a workforce that is prepared to power the Canada’s electricity sector. 

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