About us

Women of Powerline Technicians officially launched in September of 2016. Women of PLT promotes diversity, inclusion and equality in the trades. We partner with employers to aid in establishing a sustainable workforce. Through initiatives Women of PLT creates possibilities for women to succeed in skilled trades and technical roles within the utilities of Canada’s electricity sector. Our vision is to see men and women represented on every distribution operations crew. 

Women of Powerline Technicians currently has chapters located in Ontario, Canada. We have plans to grow and include chapters in every province and territory, connecting women in the electricity sector in trade and technical roles.

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Lana Norton, Women of PLT Executive Director & Founder

Lana Norton is a Large Sustainment and Demand Construction Field Technician at Hydro Ottawa. With a decade of experience in the electricity sector, Lana graduated Cambrian College’s Powerline Technician program and joined Hydro Ottawa as an Apprentice Powerline Maintainer. She has also held the role as a Field Operator with Hydro Ottawa, where she provided system switching and response to emergency calls. Lana is working towards her Bachelors of Business Administration.

Women of PLT is an equality opportunity organization. Those interested in becoming a member of the Women of PLT Advisory Committee, we invite to contact us at info@womenofplt.com.